Installing certificate in Google API Client Library for Java

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To be able to use the Google API Client Library for Java or any other library that depends on it (see here for a partial list), it is necessary to add Netfree's root certificate to the library's embedded certificate store.

The certificate store is embedded in the following file: google-api-client-X.XX.X.jar. (X.XX.X symbolizes with the version number of the file).

The certificate store can be extracted using a tool for ZIP extraction. The file is located within the ZIP at the following path: com\google\api\client\googleapis\google.jks‎.

After extraction, Netfree's certificate may be added using the regular methods for Java certificate stores. Note: The password is NOT the default ("changeit") but rather notasecret. The commands should be changed appropriately.

Once the certificate is added, repackage the JAR file by zipping it and changing the extension to .JAR.