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Some sites are known as "clean" and are set to open all PDF files, while others open with filtering, or not at all.

PDF filtering works by processing the contents of the file and extracting the images from it, checking their content and replacing them with a white frame if the image is new or has not been approved,

i.e. a previously checked image that has been disapproved, the image is replaced by white space. a image that has not been checked yet the image is replaced by white space and simultaneously gets sent to be checked (assuming that the "embedded images for testing" setting is enabled by default),if the image is approved it will appear after the test by re-downloading the file .

As a result of image filtering, sometimes the file gets corrupted. Because of that every time you open a pdf file you receive an alert that the file may be corrupted. This behavior can be overridden by checking the "Do not warn of file tampering" option in the "Personal Filter Settings".