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Description: The dns server is not configured properly on the computer or router which causes malfunctions with domain access.

Solution: Change on the PC the DNS server to the Google public DNS server -, and delete the DNS cache.

There are several options:

1. Using a batch file (this will change the DNS settings on all network adapters):

Download and run the file set_google_dns.bat

2. Manualy:

Click the Windows icon key + R key,

In the window that opens, type:


חלונית הפעלה 2.png

In the window that opens, Choose the network adapter that you use for surfing > right click > Properties > double click on the row Internet Protocol Version 4 >

In the window that opens change to Use the following dns server addresses > forPreferred DNS server define and for Alternate DNS server define > click on o.k and restart the computer.

If the error persists, change the DNS server to the router, or contact your supplier.