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The opening process

The channel owner must verify that any videos currently on the channel and those which will be uploaded in the future are in accordance with NetFree's principles.

The channel owner must then upload this file to the channel in order to verify ownership. You may upload this video with viewing permissions only to those who have the link. (In the Privacy settings set to "Unlisted")

The channel owner will then send a request to NetFree via the NetFree Support System or send an Email to info@netfree.link stating that he will comply with all of the following rules. Also include the link to the uploaded video in this request.


You can request to open a YouTube channel only if:

  1. You are managing the channel.
  2. The channel manager undertakes not to upload any video that does not meet the following rules:
    1. There are no doubts about the content of the videos.
    2. There are no Women/Girls seen in the video at all.
    3. The video does not contain any subject whose content are not accepted by the entire Charedi community.
    4. Shiurim, only by recognized Charedi rabbis.
    5. It is forbidden to upload videos related to Marriage Etc.
    6. It is forbidden to upload videos of demonstrations / violence Etc.
    7. It is forbidden to upload movies/Series for viewing of any kind. Even if the content is clean.
    8. In any case where there is doubt as to whether the video complies with the rules, it should not be uploaded to the channel.
    9. NetFree reserves the right to add rules in the future that will also be required retroactively.
  3. If the channel uploads a video that does not meet the rules, NetFree will block the entire channel.
  4. If this is repeated, it will not be possible to request a re-opening to the channel.
  5. NetFree reserves the right to open or not to open or block a channel at any time and at its sole discretion without the need for explanation.

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