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Stop using VPN and uninstall VPN software:

RL VPN customers should contact RL at 0722-132999 and request to remove the connection.

VPN customers on Hadran device should contact Hadran at 0722-586555 to disconnect the subscription.

Netfree VPN clients, must remove the software themselves as follows.

Instructions for removing the NetFree VPN software:

For "NetFree Anywhere":

If NetFree AnyWhere does not allow you to disconnect the VPN, you can disconnect it via Network and Sharing Center by disabling the Ethernet 2 adapter off. To reconnect with NetFree AnyWhere, the adapter must be re-enabled.

To remove the software see here

For "NetFree Anywhere 2":

In Windows settings, search for "Add or Remove Programs", search for the software, and choose uninstall.

For VPN Phonebook click here

Unassociated from NetFree account:

It is also your responsibility to disconnect / delete the connections associated with your account at the following link: