Netstick rental with a Sim of NetFree

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You can rent a Netstick with a sim filtered by NetFree. For details contact:

Name City Address Phone No: E-mail Nickname in the Hebrew Forum of NetFree
Sim-Kasher Ashdod Mevo Hatanaim 8 08-802-18-18 @סים כשר
Sim-Kasher Bnei Brak Rabbi Akiva 73 - Rabbi Akiva 143 08-802-18-18 @סים כשר
Sim-Kasher Jerusalem Yissa Bracha Corner Bar Ilan 08-802-18-18 @סים כשר
Zeev Grossberger Bnei Brak ~ 052-7638681 @zeevgros
Simcha ~ ~ 0722-77-3063 @957
RL ~ ~ 0722-132-999 @בן של מלך
Meir Seltzer Jerusalem David Yelin 25 058-323-3283, 02-372-2663 ~