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The Vimeo site is opened at a very careful manner in NetFree.

Any video that has not yet been reviewed has a "שלח את הוידיאו לבדיקה" (submit video for review) button. By clicking the button, you will be taken to the NetFree's Support System to send the video for review, if in your Personal Filter Settings you have chosen for the 'Video' category to be blocked , the button will not appear on any video.

NetFree's employees check the video and if it is clean they open it to all NetFree users, if the video does not meet the rules of NetFree, it will no longer show the "שלח את הוידאו לבדיקה" button and only a NetFree icon will be displayed.

If the system detects that the video can not be opened (the video has been removed / does not exist, a page of a channel, a playlist, search results, etc. - any page whose content is not an available video display page), the custom blocking page appears without the option "שלח את הוידאו לבדיקה".

There is currently no option to open an entire channel, each video must be submitted individually for review.

Searching videos

The "video-tov" site coordinates all VIMEO videos that are open in NetFree.

You can search for videos in VIMEO using this Google search query: search word.

Downloading videos

In Chrome browser you can use this plugin or this plugin.

Solution to problems with the built-in download button on downloadable videos see here.

Uploading videos

In order to upload videos to Vimeo, you need to enter this link