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The best way to connect a windows device to NetFree (when getting a pre-filtered line is not an option) is using the NetFree Software. Click here for more info

NetFree's VPN can also be installed manually on various devices as well as routers (using several configurations including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP).

General information

Any time the installation is done manually the following information is important.

The credentials

In order to connect to NetFree's VPN manually you must first acquire credentials from NetFree (to request it please submit a support request). These include:

The username

The username is the first part of the credentials you receive (In most cases this is your phone number including the country code prefix),

The password

The password sometimes appears together with the username seperated by a colon (:)

Server address
UK server -s.uk1.nfaw.netfree.link

US server -vpn-us-nyc1.netfree.link

Israel server -s.il1.nfaw.netfree.link

France server -vpn-fr1.netfree.link


If you are using the OpenVPN configuration then you can download the configuration files here (The file is set to the Israeli server, it can be edited using a text editor). A configuration file optimized for the US server can be downloaded from here.

Manual settings for PPTP or L2TP

  • "Data encryption (MPPE)": Uncheck ✓ Or configure without encryption.
  • Unencrypted password (PAP) - check ✓.
  • Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol ֹׁ(CHAP) - check ✓.
  • Microsoft CHAP version 2 (MS-CHAP v2) - check ✓.


External links

Instructions for setting up VPN to automatically connect to your computer: http://forum.netfree.link/post/946
Software that automatically connects the VPN to your computer: http://softwares.center/autovpnconnect/